GLORIA ROGLIANI, engaged in the Venetian territory for over thirty years, has established the amateur sports association non-profit with headquarters in Ven-ice ASD Gloria Rogliani. Its aim is to spread the culture of sport and rowing to the Veneto. Always attentive to sensitizing the new generations to territorial and social issues tries to combine quality and professionalism, through sports, educa-tional and educational/cultural proposals starting from childhood.

Rowing champion, former president of the Venexian sports club and godmother of Voga Camp. Gloria Rogliani was born in Venice in 1963, the love for her city makes her meet the Venetian rowing, which becomes a major protagonist, partic-ipating in 22 rowing seasons, collecting 127 municipal flags, ranking first for 6 times at the Regata Storica, 9 times in the one-oar regatta in Murano, 10 times in the S. Erasmo regatta, 8 times in the Pellestrina race, 5 times in the Burano “rega-ta”, 32 times in second place and winning more than 65 flags in the regattas of the various rowing companies. Developer in 2012 of the Joint Technical Institute for Tourism with strengthening of sports “Marinelli Fonte” that follows as Sporting Director and as Project Manager strongly wanted by her "Peer education". In 2013 and 2014 she is the president of the Racing Association. Instructor of various sports disciplines (basketball, volleyball, rowing in the Veneto etc.), she became a sports educator and she began to collaborate with various educational institutions of all levels, where she still operates nowa-days. Thanks to this collaboration and to the teaching of sport to children, as a tool of growth and personal training, the confartigianato of Venice awards the "project for the city", for its "INTRODUCTION TO SPORT” giving her a his-torical gondola of 1600 faithfully reproduced, a true historical-naval jewel. Crowning his old dream gave the start to "Cavana Tintoretto" a real temple of rowing to the veneta, which is at the same time an indoor shelter for tradition-al boats, an educational classroom for children who come here to learn about the Venetian traditions, a place of encounter, of conviviality, of authentic "Ve-netian", a school of rowing and a logistic base for many initiatives related to the lagoon, boats and rowing. Gloria Rogliani is driven by a personal passion for Venice and its traditions, now almost unknown to the citizens themselves and especially to the children who live there.


is the motto of Gloria Rogliani, her enthusiasm and charisma involve and charac-terize every day with children and young people.