During the boat excursions (for snacks, lunches or for the various activities) we will use the network of "rowing boats" as a logistic base and support structure, which are numerous on every island in the lagoon. Here we will have the opportunity to meet the great "deputies" of the oar, i.e. the rowing champions of the past who still attend rowing today to teach the youngest the secrets of their art, learned over the course of a lifetime spent rowing. Our main locations are 3: Cavana Tintoretto (Venice - Madonna dell'orto), Metamauco (Malamocco - Venice Lido) and Sant'Erasmo (an island in the northern lagoon). The boys of the Voga Camp who stay overnight will use the Sant'Erasmo base on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday while from Wednesday they will stop in Metamauco. The little ones of the Laguna Baby, on the other hand, will be divided between Sant'Erasmo and Metamauco, based on the chosen week and preferences. For those who stay overnight, accommodation is in a tent but indoor accommodation is guaranteed in case of bad weather. Once a week we offer older children to sleep in our comfortable Bragòzzo, they are always enthusiastic about the idea. Toilets with showers are always available in each structure.


accommodation for the night in tents (in case of bad weather, indoor accommodation is guaranteed) - toilets with showers


Fully equipped kitchen with sustainable energy. Lunches, morning and afternoon snacks, dinners (all km0) included. On request gluten free, vegetarian and vegan meals with genuine ingredients.


Lawn equipped for camping and playground equipped for survival activities and lagoon parkour.